verb \ri-ˈklām\

: to get back (something that was lost or taken away)

: to make (land) available for use by changing its condition

: to get (a usable material) from materials that have been used before

transitive verb


a :  to recall from wrong or improper conduct :  reform b :  tame, subdue


a :  to rescue from an undesirable state; also :  to restore to a previous natural state <reclaim mining sites> b :  to make available for human use by changing natural conditions <reclaim swampland>


:  to obtain from a waste product or by-product :  recover <reclaimed plastic>


a :  to demand or obtain the return of

b :  to regain possession of

re·claim·able adjective

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Examples of RECLAIM

  1. Sons and daughters are proudly reclaiming the traditions that their parents had forgotten.
  2. She reclaimed the title of world champion this year.

Origin of RECLAIM

Middle English reclamen, from Anglo-French reclamer, from Latin reclamare to cry out, protest, from re- + clamare to cry out — more at claim

First Known Use: 14th century

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(From:, 8.10.14)